Much as sports fans from around the world think “Augusta National” when they hear “The Masters” or “Omaha” when they hear “College World Series”, the global audience of the tourney thinks “Dayton” when they hear “NCAA Tournament” or “March Madness”.

Hoopla Sponsors make the events in the Dayton region possible and provide a first-class experience for student-athletes, coaches, fans and the national media.

From the tip-off of the first college basketball game of the season in November, every team plays for their chance to take part in the Madness which tips-off in Dayton each year. THE ROAD STARTS HERE™, in Dayton, Ohio!

Thanks to America’s #1 Host Site and the support from America’s Most Passionate College Basketball Fans, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has become a permanent fixture in the Dayton region. We are certain this would not be possible without the support from the local organizing committee, businesses (both regionally and nationally) and individuals who sign on as volunteers.

Due to the unique nature of the Tournament, most of the Hoopla Sponsors and Community MVPs receive very little public recognition for their continued generosity. Thankfully, the support from these organizations and individuals is unwavering. They are truly the Tourney’s Most Valuable Players!


The Big Hoopla Inc. (fka First Four Events Inc.) does not assign or secure sponsorship for activation during the NCAA® events. The NCAA®, through its Corporate Champion and Partner Program, secures sponsorship in support of all of its 89 Championships. For information about the NCAA® Corporate Champion and Corporate Partner Program please visit the
 NCAA® Corporate Partner Program page.

The Big Hoopla is not an IRS designated 501(c)3 organization. The Big Hoopla is an Ohio non-profit corporation that acts as the legal entity for the local organizing committee in Dayton, Ohio for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament and the NCAA First Four.