We thank each of the individuals above for their personal contributions. Their support helps advocate for The Big Hoopla and their financial contributions go directly to supporting and the recognizing the men and women of the United States Air Force stationed locally at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and diligent STEM students (K-8) across the Dayton region. THANK YOU!

A Big Hoopla Thank You to…

  • Jeff & Jen Hoagland
  • JP & Carmen Nauseef
  • Scott & Joni Sullivan
  • Bev Shillito
  • Kim Duncan
  • Fran Evans
  • John & Diane Farrell
  • Jim Hayes
  • Thomas Hirt
  • Dennis & Debbie Lieberman
  • John & Violet Nauseef
  • Barry Reed
  • David Robbins
  • LH Rogero

Hoopla Ticket Program
Supporting the Airmen stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and students throughout the region have long been a fabric of the spirit of Dayton, OH. Through our long-standing partnerships and support from community partners, The Big Hoopla takes pride in supporting our local students and military personnel, while remaining committed to raising awareness to the unique attributes of the Dayton region: pride and respect for the military, a strong sense of service, an innovative history, the importance of STEM education, and collaboration.

To date, The Big Hoopla and the local organizing committee have provided thousands of tickets, free-of-charge, to the servicemen and women stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and students throughout the Dayton Region through the Hoopla Ticket Program.

Through your help via a donation to the Hoopla Ticket Program, we continue to showcase the Dayton region, the basketball fervor our fans possess, and the collaboration that makes Dayton, OH stand apart from the rest of the country. With your continued support we’re confident we can solidify Dayton as the EPICENTER OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL.

Learn more about the Hoopla Ticket Program

Hoopla STEM Challenge
The Big Hoopla is home to America’s first-ever Hoopla STEM Challenge, attracting thousands to promote STEM education through innovative basketball competition for students. Each year, regional and national partners engage students with hands-on science, technology, engineering and math demonstrations.

Students participate in an exciting basketball competition, while tinkering, building and creating something new with hands-on exposure to STEM disciplines. The competition awards prizes for basketball skill as well as for students taking an active interest in the educational exhibits. The unique and exciting event combines the Dayton region’s passion for college basketball with the power of STEM education.

Learn more about the STEM Challenge

Hoopla Four Miler

The Big Hoopla Four miler is a fun, family-friendly race through the University of Dayton’s beautiful campus.

Celebrate your achievement and connect with other runners as you take in a post-race party and continue building the excitement as the Dayton region races closer to the tip-off of March Madness.

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The Big Hoopla Inc. (fka First Four Events Inc.) does not assign or secure sponsorship for activation during the NCAA® events. The NCAA®, through its Corporate Champion and Partner Program, secures sponsorship in support of all of its 89 Championships. For information about the NCAA® Corporate Champion and Corporate Partner Program please visit the
 NCAA® Corporate Partner Program page.

The Big Hoopla is not an IRS designated 501(c)3 organization. The Big Hoopla is an Ohio non-profit corporation that acts as the legal entity for the local organizing committee in Dayton, Ohio for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament and the NCAA First Four.